The Red Filing Cabinet

Typing with your eyes closed

being able to put a sentence together

let your basic vocabulary flow

wishing to form words like

a genius mind or

a well-read poet

Mine is the red filing cabinet

full of the basics

very small

sometimes the drawers do not open

it’s at these times I stay quiet

There are just 2 drawers

it would be a blessing to have more

A near new red filing cabinet

failing its entire purpose

it’s already rusting

gaining plenty of dust

— end


The wolf stood in position like a guard outside the entrance
His stance undeterred, looking in her direction

He instinctively fixated on her eyes once he had caught them
The lost cat knew the path he was creating couldn’t be broken

She accompanied his gaze walking through the pack of hounds
Neither of them needing to make a single sound

From here they continued to walk the path together
Knowing that their journey could last forever

For the love & protection she had secretly sought
Had finally manifested from deep within her thoughts

— end

No Sleep

His makeup was yellow
her shoes were red
the clothes neatly folded
at the end of the bed
He barked wildly
she tamely roared
He wasn’t too bad
for a cowardly whore

— end

No Sleep poem and visual by KNG Art
No Sleep poem and visual by KNG Art


Piles and heaps, visible all around

items strewn waiting to be found

the distant mountains to scale are overbearing

the thoughts they ensue, guilt ridden but uncaring

soon the Stig will rise from the dump

scaling the mountain with great triumph

until then, the wisest action? embrace the darkness

yet again ride right through it, without a harness

— end

Ear Beef

The wax oozed out instantly, a big blob

splat on the floor

she swiftly scooped it up, before anyone saw

warm and gooey, melting in her hand

she was astonished but she didn’t make a sound

her ear however, breathed a sigh of utter relief

her head felt lighter, minus the chunk of beef

frightened of ridicule

her eyes quickly darted around

she had to get rid before it was found

— end

‘Black’ Series

‘Black’ – Light and Dark series series comes from the exploration of mental health and illness. Unmasked faces, hiding behind shadows, no eye contact, showing the presence of both darkness and light.


‘Femininity’ Series

Bright, bold images drawn in simple lines and coloured using bold bright colours, symbolising the hope and joyful expression that some try maintain throughout their struggle to survive the world. Depicting our need to communicate, sometimes when things are kept inside for so long there is no option to save ourselves and let them out.

‘Self’ Series

Large abstract paintings created using acrylic paint, applied with wood and fingers. An internal reflection of my’self’ – what I see, what I feel and overall what I perceive at any moment in time.